Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sim Happy Family! 
Spent 24.5 hours painting it digitally. :D


  1. Nicely done!

    Do you have any more sketches of Singapore? Here in Canada spring has just arrived and the snow is all gone. I find your tropical country to be fascinating as it is hard for me to imagine a place that is warm all the time. Seeing it through your sketchbook is a real treat. Do you think you could post more sketches of your town? You may not realize it but what looks normal to you is fascinating to someone halfway around the globe!

    BTW I love how you praise the Lord all the time on Twitter. I'm a Christian too and your tweets make me smile!

    1. Hi Greybrush! Thank you for your compliments. Yes i have urban sketchwalk albums at
      Do drop by there and see my works there.

      Come visit Singapore and join us for the future sketchwalks. Thank you for your kind words.Have a great and blessed weekend ahead :)